Bashir Qonqar

Painter and Conceptual Artist

Qonqar was born in 1980, he is a self-taught artist currently working and living in bad Goisem/ Austria. he received his education in Heidenheim in Germany. when Bashir was 8 years old he experienced the loss of his father who got killed in the first intifada, an experience that had left a deep impact on his person and on his way of thinking. Bashir concentrates in his works mainly on the social aspects and interactions, trying to understand and to reflect human behaviors, he also focuses on the taboos and the collective behaviors of the societies; this made his method full of criticism and sarcasm at the same time. Bashir is working currently as a freelance artist and also as a Social Pedagogic in Austria. He participated in several exhibitions and workshops on both the local and the international levels.