Elias Halabi

Artist and Photographer

Halabi was born in Jerusalem in 1984 and lives in Bethlehem. He holds a BA in Sociology / Psychology from Bethlehem University. In 2011, Halabi earned a Professional Diploma in “Management and Preservation of Artistic Cultural Heritage in the Near East”,  Vercelli/ Italy. Halabi combined his academic specialization with his passion for photography as he has mastered the art of photography based on social art.

Halabi’s interest in Photography started while working in England in 2009. Over the past few years, Halabi’s artwork has made its way to local and international solo and joint exhibitions, magazines, websites, and books. Being the first official photographer of the Greek Orthodox Nativity church, and working with a number of organizations, NGOs, ministries, and consulates, Halabi was provided with a unique platform to reflect Palestine he sees it.