Enrique Yidi Daccarat

Founder and Director of Taller Palestine Workshop for the artistic craving of mother pearl

Daccarat is a creative soul in constant evolution. Born in 1960 to a Bethlehemite family in the city of Barranquilla in Colombia. This businessman and prolific researcher has developed his life to rescuing and preserving the Palestinian centuries-old and authentically Beyhlehmite art of mother-of-pearl carving. He founded in Barranquilla in 1998 “Taller Palestina”, an artistic workshop with local Colombian artisans with the mission to restore old art pieces, evolve, and create unique traditional art of mother pearl carving. His unique collection has been exhibited in different cities in Colombia, Italy, and the United States of America. In his continuous work of “Taller Palestina,” he has produced numerous art pieces and sold them to museums, private collectors, churches, and government institutions around the world.