Maha Saca

Founder and Director of the Palestinian Heritage Center

Maha Saca, founder and director of the Palestinian heritage center which was founded in Bethlehem in 1991 with the purpose of documenting, reviving and spreading the Palestinian heritage as an identity, a historical document, and Palestinian roots which extend for thousands of years.

* An activist and a researcher in Palestinian heritage. She made several field researches in Palestinian villages, towns and camps to get facts and information first hand from the people.

* She was awarded the title of cultural personality of the year 2013 by the ministry of culture.

* She participated in more than forty successful international exhibitions for heritage.

* The center is considered a heritage and cultural tourist attraction and exhibitions for the Arab and foreign visitors and officials visiting the state of Palestine.

* One of the most important achievements of the center is the designing of the map of Palestinian historical costumes.

* She issued a book on embroidery entitled embroidering identities.

* She achieved the first position in UNESCO international competition entitled the woman and the heritage.

* She presented the two popes: benedict and Francis each with a stole on which she embroidered the key of return among other Palestinian embroidery patterns.

* She designed and embroidered the motifs of the largest Palestinian dress with an area of 400 square meters in order to display our heritage.

* the Palestinian heritage center consists of several sections, the most important of which is the exhibition of agricultural tools and household utensils, an exhibition of the Palestinian costumes, the Bedouin tent, the Palestine living room, the children’s library and a library of heritage books. The center also runs an embroidery workshop where forty Palestinian women work in embroidery and were several courses on traditional crafts were held.