Patrick Lama

Music composer and pianist

A Palestinian composer and pianist, born in Jerusalem in 1940. He began his musical career with his father, Augustin Lama, a composer and organist at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. He also studied the piano with Professor Marcel Ciampi at the National Conservatoire of music in Paris and then continued his studies at the École Marguerite Lunc in Paris, and he also took composition courses with Professor Henri Detille at the Teachers’ House of Music in Paris.

* He composed several musical and lyrical pieces, in addition to composing orchestral works. Among his works, which met with a wide international response, was the opera of Canaan, which is based on Ugaritic texts sung in the classical Arabic language, making it the first opera sung in Arabic and it was played in Germany. He also wrote the book “Palestinian Folk Music” published by Timoaniage Chrétien Publishing House in Paris in the year 1983 .

* Patrick Lama became involved early in the Palestinian national work. He was one of the first founders of the branch of the General Union of Palestinian Students in the 1960s in France, where the number of Palestinian students in Paris did not exceed thirty students.

* He was awarded the Medal of Culture, Science and Arts, in appreciation of his artistic creations in the fields of musical composition and piano playing, and in appreciation of his valuable efforts in consolidating the Palestinian identity through his lyrical musical compositions based on Mahmoud Darwish’s poetry.